Health Screening Solution for Schools

Presenting Our School Health Screening Solutions!

Calling all Hospitals, Clinics, and SMEs! Are you ready to revolutionize your health screening process? InstaPract’s user-friendly, seamless health screening software designed for the well-being of school students!

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Why Choose InstaPract for Health Screening Program?

  • We Use Advanced & Error-free Technology
  • Advanced telehealth capabilities, electronic health records, and data analytics tools
  • Certified IT experts with Microsoft, AWS, Google, Oracle, Service
  • Robust security and quality management systems
  • Software compliances with ISO, HIPAA, MALAFFI, TDRA
  • Winner of Entrepreneur Tech Innovation Awards 2023

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Reduce health barrier learning (HBL), which includes vision, hearing, oral, and ADHD.. The screening program is done and managed by

a central platform which connects to various stakeholders.

Solution to Hearing screening in school

Health Screening Solution for Schools Solution

Hearing screening is a test that determines whether or not a person has hearing loss.

Implementing a hearing screening program in schools can help identify hearing issues early on, allowing for timely intervention and support for students.

InstaPract provides high-quality solutions to medical professionals for the implementation of school screening software.

Solution to child vision screening

Health Screening Solution for Schools vision screening

Child vision screening is a crucial aspect of pediatric healthcare, aiming to detect and address potential vision problems early on.

InstaPract offers a comprehensive screening software solution to healthcare professionals, enabling them to conduct child vision screening programs throughout educational institutions or schools.

Advanced Mental Health screening Solutions in Schools

Health Screening Solution for Schools Advanced Mental

InstaPract's patient engagement software solution improves patient engagement and satisfaction by addressing various factors relating to technology, communication, and overall patient experience. Some key factors:

  • Comprehensive Mental Health Assessments
  • Technology-Based Screening Tools
  • Anonymous Reporting Systems
  • Parental Involvement
  • Data Privacy and Security.

Provide engaging and effective telehealth experience

Effortlessly improve your care delivery system to increase your patient’s engagement and satisfaction