Effective, Secured Interoperability Solutions in Healthcare

Say goodbye to information roadblocks and hello to a healthier, connected future!

We design comprehensive interoperability solutions to streamline data exchange, improve communication, and enhance patient care. We implement robust systems and protocols that facilitate easy sharing of patient health information across various healthcare entities while maintaining the highest data security and privacy level.

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Why Choose InstaPract forInteroperability Solution?

  • Offers traditional message-based interfaces (HL7 v2, X12n) alongside modern FHIR API Technologies
  • Ensures secure real-time data access via API integration
  • A dedicated team of experts skilled in various integration techniques
  • Provides robust security and quality management systems
  • The software complies with ISO, HIPAA, MALAFFI, and TDRA standards
  • Winner of Entrepreneur Tech Innovation Awards 2023

Elevate your connectivity with our seamless Interoperability Integrations

Electronic Health Record(EHR) Integration
Interoperability Solutions Electronic Health Record

Instapract offers a creative solution for seamless integration with Health Information Exchange (HIE), connecting with systems like Nabidh, Malaffi, Nphies, and Riayati. HIE acts as a central hub, enabling secure sharing of patient data among various healthcare provider’s Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Here are some components of EHR interoperability solutions:

  • Health Information Exchange(HIE) - Nabidh, Malaffi, Nphies, and Riayati
  • Application Programming Interfaces(APIs)
  • Security and Privacy Measures
  • EHR Integration Monitoring & Support
IoMT, Devices and Wearable Integration

Interoperability Solutions Devices and Wearable

When it comes to IoMT devices and wearable integration, ensuring interoperability is crucial for seamless communication and data exchange. Cloud platforms can serve as a central hub for storing and processing data from IoMT devices. APIs can be designed based on industry standards to enhance interoperability.

Instapract provides a comprehensive solution for integrating IoMT, devices, and wearables.

Lab and Radiology Integration

Interoperability Solutions Lab and Radiology

Instapract delivers an innovative Lab and Radiology Integration solution, seamlessly connecting and streamlining healthcare workflows.

Integrating lab and radiology systems is crucial for improving healthcare workflows, enhancing efficiency, and providing better patient care. Achieving interoperability between these systems requires a strategic approach and the use of compatible technologies.

Expert Integration Services for Your Interoperability Needs

Implementation, Configuration and Support

Our team of experts can help you maximize the full potential of Rhapsody through our extensive expertise and top-notch services. Ensure seamless and secure healthcare information exchange by optimizing your Rhapsody interface engine. Rhapsody provides safe, proven, and flexible interoperability solutions that optimize resources and streamline data exchange.

  1. Rhapsody Configuration Management
  2. Rhapsody Server Settings Configuration
  3. Rhapsody Watchlists
  4. REST and SOAP-based APIs for Rhapsody
  5. Rhapsody IDE
  6. Custom Rules for Efficient Rhapsody Mapping
  7. Rhapsody EDI Tools
  8. Custom Rhapsody Communication Points and Filters

Implementation, Configuration, Customization and Support

Enhance interoperability functionalities by utilizing a seamless healthcare integration engine and advanced administrative tools through Mirth® Connect.

  1. HL7 Integration
  2. Plugin Development
  3. Mirth Monitoring
  4. Infrastructure and Performance tuning for optimal Mirth performance
  5. Comprehensive web service development for quick access to electronic health information
  6. Expert customization and extension services for optimized deployment and scaling

Efficient data exchange through end-to-end interoperable solutions

The Carefluence FHIRops™️ platform exhibits a high degree of versatility, offering the capability to provide bi-directional interoperability for various use cases. The platform supports synchronous and asynchronous modes, ensuring a comprehensive and adaptable solution.

  1. FHIR imlilementation
  2. SMART on FHIR apps
  3. Rhapsody Watchlists
  4. Custom FHIR API developmentt
  5. FHIR Plugins

Seamless Integration with Health Information Exchanges(HIE)

Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) facilitate the sharing of electronic health information among healthcare organizations. We assist in getting integrated with the health information exchanges below (HIE)

Interoperability Solutions Riayati Logo
Interoperability Solutions Nabidh Logo
Interoperability Solutions Malaffi Logo
Interoperability Solutions Nphies

Critical Benefits of Interoperability in Healthcare

Here are several benefits of interoperability in the healthcare sector

Interoperability Solutions Enhanced
    Enhanced Patient Care:
  • Interoperability allows different healthcare providers to access and share patient data seamlessly.
Patient Empowerment:
  • Interoperability empowers patients by providing them with easier access to their health records. Patients can view their medical history, test results, and treatment plans, fostering a more informed and engaged healthcare experience.
Cost-Saving :
  • Interoperability reduces administrative costs associated with manual data entry, paper-based processes, and redundant tests. This can lead to significant cost savings for healthcare organizations.
Improved Data Security:
  • Interoperability solutions often include robust security measures to protect patient data during transmission and storage.