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Say goodbye to physical barriers and embrace the future of healthcare. InstaPract’s hospital rounding solution empowers seamless communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals, ensuring optimal patient care.

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Why Choose InstaPract for Virtual Rounding Solution?

  • We Use Advanced & Error-free Technology
  • Advanced telehealth capabilities, electronic health records, and data analytics tools
  • Certified IT experts with Microsoft, AWS, Google, Oracle, Service
  • Robust security and quality management systems
  • Software compliances with ISO, HIPAA, MALAFFI, TDRA
  • Winner of Entrepreneur Tech Innovation Awards 2023

About Hospital Rounding

What is Hospital Rounding?

Virtual Rounding Solution Hospital

Benefits of Virtual Rounding in Healthcare

Virtual Rounding Solution Virtual rounding

Virtual rounding usually involves the healthcare team using video technology(hospital rounding software) installed in the patient's room to have discussions with the patient from a different location.

It involves virtual meetings, video conferencing, or other online tools to simulate the traditional practice of rounding, where individuals visit various locations or entities to gather information, provide support, or assess conditions.

Features of Patient Rounding Software

Here are key features of our patient rounding software solution

Virtual Rounding Solution Optical
Optical 30x Zoom
Virtual Rounding Solution True Color Image
True Color Image
Virtual Rounding Solution Remotely Controlled
Remotely Controlled
Virtual Rounding Solution Wide-Angle Pan-Tilt-Zoom
Wide-Angle Pan-Tilt-Zoom
Virtual Rounding Solution Close-Ups with detachable
Close-Ups with detachable Lens
Virtual Rounding Solution Detachable Camera Head
Detachable Camera Head
Virtual Rounding Solution Facial features Tracking
Facial features Tracking
Virtual Rounding Solution Fall detection
Fall detection
Virtual Rounding Solution Alarm detection
Alarm detection
Virtual Rounding Solution Off-bed detection
Off-bed detection