Introducing our interoperability product - Carefluence!

Linking health with Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)! Our platform guarantees seamless data exchange between health IT systems, promoting continuity of care, care coordination, and patient safety.

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Our Interoperability Solution

Interoperability in healthcare is crucial with new technological advancements. But it is necessary for enabling systems to share medical information for providers to treat patients effectively. With out-pacing medical technologies like e-prescription and digital notes, InstaPract provides a strong interoperability foundation to augment clinical workflow. Our Interoperability solution enables you to focus on other areas of your business while we enhance and improve the patient experience. We strive to provide effective interoperability for efficient primary care to treat illnesses, while managing patients across the platform at overall reduced cost.

Interoperability Solution Carefluence Our Interoperability

InstaPract Value Differentiators

Effortlessly improve your care delivery system to increase your patient’s engagement and satisfaction

Interoperability Solution Carefluence Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

Aggregation of data can help gain new insights on the patient’ health. Track healthcare data efficiently to maintain reliability and transparency between providers and patients. By collecting and analysing the pattern of data, providers can identify potential diagnosis and deliver effective treatment.

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InstaPract offers the solution for common interoperability challenges. We equip providers with unlimited options to customize the solution based on their requirements. Unlike traditional service model, we empower providers to make data-driven decisions to provide care at all level.

Interoperability Solution Carefluence technology

Plug-and-play technology

We provide plug-and-play open APIs technology as easy to use and affordable solution for your requirement. These APIs allows you to extend the reach of clinical core system effectively to uncover values from the patient’s data set. Open APIs are cost-effective at the same time to improve quality and create a positive impact on patients.

Interoperability Solution Carefluence Built in transformers

Built in transformers

Our built-in transformers normalize the data from disparate systems and decode them in an accessible format. These transformers help providers to get a 360-degree view of health-related information collected from various systems to understand and proactively address patient’s need.